About Us

Current Automation, located in Kya Sand, Randburg, began operations in 1994 and has accumulated a lot of knowledge in supplying POWER SOLUTIONS to the southern African market over the last 21 years. We decided to expand into all Power Related product lines and is continuously expanding into all power and alternative power energy products to obtain and sustain a dominating part of the power market demand, by supplying quality as well as cost effective solutions.

Realising that there is a lot of competition in the market, Current Automation decided early on, that the best way to meet customer's needs was to ensure a high level of in-house stock. Currently, the company has a 2000 square metre warehouse and manufacturing facility in Kya Sands, Randburg, South Africa. This policy of keeping large quantities of stock has paid off and today has more than USD 2 million invested in stock. The product sales growth of imported and local products is growing at 15~20% per year, regardless of the world economics.

The company is still experiencing physical expansion on the premises with in house training opportunities, as well as boast with 73 personnel to cater for the higher demand and performance required by the market in the power related industries.

Our customers can view live demonstrations of grid-tie products with grid-tie backup solutions as well off-grid solar power inverter products on our premises. Our aim is not just to supply you with a product line, but to educate the client around the correct use of these products. Furthermore we also offer training for clients needing to roll-out new telecom rectifier systems for their required markets.

A lot of our growth level was due to an aggressive advertisement campaign as well as teaming together with local partners to offer custom solutions according to clients' demands.

We have expanded our business and now have branches in Johannesburg (Head Office), Durban, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Mbombela (Nelspruit).


Current Automation prides itself in the fact that through its leading principals it can offer anything that the local electronics power industry requires in the way of power supplies and inverters and other related industrial power products, and hence the company motto "Power Solution Providers".

Current Automation has a full range of printed catalogues but full details of all the product lines can be found on the company's website: www.rectifier.co.za in PDF format.


In recent years one of major aims has been to focus on our after service and repair departments and has successfully setup a fully functional support structure for our product lines. We now also carry stock of our power supply components, inverter spare parts and UPS repair boards to assist with a reasonable turn-around time on our repairs.


Our first entry into the market was to supply solar components to our well established customer base, but however have now expanded into supplying a full solar design solutions with an installation options for the off-grid or grid-tie markets.


  • AC/DC power conversion products.
  • DC/DC power converters and module converters.
  • DC/DC battery chargers and battery protecting products.
  • DC/AC inverters, pure and modified sine wave outputs.
  • Small single-phase UPS systems. (Short-term and long-term backup.)
  • Large three-phase UPS systems. (Long-term backup.)
  • Solar PV panels and regulator solutions.
  • Grid tie and off grid solar backup inverters for industrial and domestic power requirements.
  • Industrial and telecom batteries for backup and solar installations.
  • Telecom hot-swap 48 Vd.c. rectifiers and backup optimisation.



Since it started off in the distribution business Current Automation has added a number of complementary products to its portfolio. One of these is the Taiwanese- based company Mean Well Enterprises: (www.meanwell.com).

Mean Well is a manufacturer of switching mode power supplies and inverter units that can be found in applications such as industrial automation and machinery equipment, medical supplies, in the security industry, video & gambling machines, radio and telecommunication equipment, as well as moving signs and all kinds of O.E.M. electronics.


Delta is a major source for power management solutions. As a global leader in power electronics, Delta's mission is, "To provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow. (www.deltaww.com)

Current Automation has been awarded Tier 1 distributor status for the UPS products as well as for the Telecom rectifiers and will represent South Africa as a major support structure in supply and engineering and backup.


Another distributed power supply product is from a German-based company PULS: (www.puls-power.com) which offers a full range of best-in-class DIN-rail mountable switched mode power supplies. PULS GMBH is a leading competitor of companies such as Siemens and Phoenix, and is often the leader in the introduction of new technology. The PULS range of products is exceptionally compact, and through use of "high-spec" components offer longer service life and can withstand extreme temperature environments.


As the energy market is undeniably becoming larger each year and less reliable we therefore realised that backup energy is vast becoming a norm and not the exception. Supplying reliable battery chargers and inverters is essential for the vigorous requirements of the African market and has therefore added the pure sine wave inverters from (www.cotek.com.tw)


Endeavouring to supply every need of its customers, is continuously expandingwith a wider variety of power supplies. We acquired another Taiwanese supplier Sunpower's (www.sunpower.com.tw) range of industrial 1U~8U redundant ATX rack- mount power supplies, with AC or 12 V/24 V DC input versions. (www.sunpower.com.tw)


Converting DC power to and from batteries has become essential to provide all round protection and power solutions to the automotive and mobile markets. To assist with this growing industry we introduced this range from Powersaver


Most electronic design companies require accurate variable power supplies. To assist the industry CA has been supplying the industry with the reliable range from Topward Industries, as well as the expanded high powered range from Manson (www.manson.com.hk)


In recent years it has become the norm to source power supplies for onboard power requirements, rather than using in-house designs. CA recently introduced the range from Archcorp (www.archcorp.com.tw). Archcorpis products include AC/DC as well as DC/DC modules.


Supporting the need for everyday desktop power supplies has become a challenging industry until now. Intuitive product lines, like Kerio Technologies (www.kerio.com.tw) solved this for the market and CA can now assist fulfilling the requirements for replacing any desktop power supply.

With each unit, the output plug can be interchanged to suit the need of the customer, as well as programing to supply the correct output voltage to the equipment.