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CTEK was formed in 1997, and is a sister subsidiary to Creator Teknisk Utveckling AB (a leading consulting firm within design and development) which was formed in 1982. Our battery knowledge began to form in 1992, when a leading battery manufacturer hired Creator for research and development of batteries and later for research on a new system of battery chargers that would meet the requirements of battery charging and maintenance of new generations of batteries. The research and development programme ended when an American group acquired Creator's customer. Creator understood that the now patented system represented a fantastic business opportunity all over the world. It was then that CTEK was formed to design, develop, manufacture and market its own battery charger.

CTEK | product ranges

6V Charger

(Battery Chargers)

6-12V batteries. Used for old model cars, motorcycles and boats. From 0,8A max – 80A charging current. Fully automatic for optimal charging. For all lead-acid batteries.

24V Charger

(Battery Chargers)

Trucks, busses and industrial vehicles. Maintenance charging of larger fleets with 24V vehicles. 8 step, fully automatic charging cycle.

DC/DC Charging

(Battery Chargers)

DC/DC Solution for operational charging - 24V. CTEK supplies innovative battery charges for all purposes. The D250TS continues the tradition of offering chargers with a focus on simplicity, safety and versatility.

Marine Charging

(Battery Chargers)

Marine charging for large boats, 12V, 15-25a Max CHARGING CURRENT. Fully automatic for optimal charging , Fully Charged Battery / Maintenance Charging.

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