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Delta Group has long implemented green manufacturing processes, recycling, waste management programs and has constructed environmentally-friendly green builidings. CNBC European Business magazine recently listed Delta Electronics as a "Global Top 100 Low-Carbon Pioneer"─ the only company from Taiwan featured on the list.

Delta | product ranges

CellD 40

AC input connection L + N + PE, AC input voltage 208 / 220 /230 / 240 VRMS,  Efficiency rectifier 95.2%

CellD 100

AC input connection 6xL+N+PE or optional 3L+N+PE, AC input voltage 208-240 VRMS, Efficiency rectifier 95.2%

CellD 125

CellD systems are small, just like cells. They can be embedded in the telecom infrastructure and are often used in OutD outdoor solutions. The products in this series are light and designed especially for installations with limited space offering high density of the installed power.

CellD 300

AC input connection 3x(L+N+PE) or 3L+N+PE, AC input voltage 2x230 VRMS (L - N),  Efficiency rectifier 96.2%

CellD 600

The DPS 2900B-48-6/12 19IN (CellD 600) belongs to

the Delta CellD product series. This high power

density system is ideal for space-critical applications.

An integrated modular system allows flexible and

adaptable installations.

The system includes up to six rectifiers, AC and DC

connections, battery connection and Delta PSC 3

controller. In addition, easy installation and

expandability add to the success of the system.

Delta is known for quality and product reliability,

and to this solution has been added costeffectiveness.


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