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Power Solutions supplier Delta telecom converters, specially designed for DC-DC conversion in the telecom and datacom industries. If you are looking for telecommunications conversion solutions then you’ll find exactly what you need right here at Power Solutions.

We ensure that we stock only the very best telecom converters to offer up to our customers for sale in Southern Africa. Power Solutions is a premium supplier and distributer of Delta’s telecom converters. We pride ourselves on this partnership and seek to deliver only the very best telecommunications converters to our loyal customers in the African sub-continent.

Our DC-DC converter typically converts current from 12V to 24V, providing you with the power solution you need to optimally run your telecommunications.

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  • The CPC 1500B Series is a DC to DC converter family, converting between -48V to +24V respectively.

    CPC 1500B
    CPC 1500B
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